Export audio tracks with their individual length ?

I’m trying to do that : I made a session with rehearsal tracks that I cleaned and now I want to export them without having to set the limiters for each track; I want to export each track whith its individual length. Is there a way to do that ? (“export selected tracks” is no good because that exports the original tracks, without the edition I made)
Thanks in advance.


You could set a Cycle Markers for every single snipped you want to export (select the event, hit “P” to set the Locators, and click to create the Cycle Marker). Then in the Export Audio Mixdown dialog, you can combine a Channel Selection and Export Between Markers.

Hello Martin, thanks for the answer. Does that mean that all events has to be on the same track ?


No. If the events are playing back at the same time, you have to always choose a combination of the Channel and Cycle Marker for every single export then. If they don’t play at the same time, and all of them are routed to the same Output, you can set the Output Channel as the exported Channel, and export the Cycle Markers at once. So you would get several files by one export.

Ok I see. That means that if I have several tracks starting at the same time, I have to make one export for each track. The only way to have everything with one export is to shift the events. Did I understood right ?

If you want different exported file length and different channels, then you need to export it one by one.

Thanks a lot Martin.