export batch, multiformat, video... all !


when i work on a movie each music i create i export stems, master, alternate mixes all at once using sends and buses. it’s very convinient.
But i export all in FLAC not only because it’s less space but it allows me to visualize with “size” if some stems from my template where not used (can’t do that with wav as every thing is same size with or without data)
BUT i also need the master in WAV for export to mix and mp3 to send to director “fast” (or phone or whatever) also i need to export the video of that with that music (for reference as the editing has probably already change since i worked on that music)

…so. i would love to have an export window that allows me to batch all this. a little bit like photoshop is able to save while you keep working or like DaVinci allows you to “add jobs” to a list then process it all at once.

So rather than a batch export you need a “queue”, correct? Or be able to select file format on a per-channel basis?

I could see the use in perhaps a “Batch Export Preferences” that we can dial for different jobs, complete with different file formats and/or render queues.

Otherwise I’d say just render it all and zip it.