Export button inaccessible

In Elements 9.5, when I open the Export Audio Mixdown dialog box, the “export” button is behind my laptop’s task bar. I have to switch my task bar to auto hide in order to complete an export. The dialog box is already at its smallest rescalable size, the top of the box is at the top of the screen, so it can’t be dragged up. Is there any way to scale it down other than dragging from the edge? There is a large unused area in the box so I can’t see why it is so large.


Please make sure you meet the minimal system requirement. Your screen resolution is probably too low.

Oh, right! It’s as high as it can go, but that seems to be the only resolution problem.

Actually I’ve just opened my laptop and found it meets the minimum requirement of 1366x768; that’s what my screen is set at.

The Export button is hidden behind the Start panel, right? Just hide the Start panel, please.

By start panel, do you mean the taskbar? Well, that’s what I already said I was doing at first. I was asking if it was possible to resize the export box somehow. So I guess it isn’t.

Yes, sorry, I don’t know Windows terminology. :wink:

No, it’s not possible to resize this window.

Ok, Martin, thanks for your input.