export CSV marker length is wrong ?


i export CSV markers of voice over using UTF8 and tabulation.
all works fine but the Length column gives me a value that is not usable :
Timecode In ||| Timecode Out ||| Length
00:01:15:20 ||| 00:01:16:21 ||||| 1
00:01:17:08 ||| 00:01:20:03 ||||| 3
00:01:20:23 ||| 00:01:24:20 ||||| 4

why isn’t it xx:xx:xx:xx based like TCin & out ?

Length is in seconds. Why? I have no idea.

Maybe it has got to do with the column-width in your CSV-editor?
Is it possible to expand that a little bit for the “length” column?

Niek/ Amsterdam

Hi thx for answers.
no the CSV column is ok. and when i select length cells the clearly show this number only.

I already wrote it guys.
The length is measured in seconds. That’s it.
If you need something else you need to create a more detailed timing Calculation in a spreadsheet.

The length is measured in seconds.

Rhetorical questions:
So, why does Nuendo round this column to whole seconds? What’s exactly the added value of this?
And; why then doesn’t Nuendo round the TC In and TC Out column to whole seconds?

I tend to say that this is one of the inconsistencies Nuendo is full of.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Not saying its good, just that it is.
So it is In Fact it is not “wrong”, someone decided to round it to seconds.

I’m glad that you’re taking it so lightly Erik,
It was nothing personal though, hence my prefix “Rhetorical questions” :blush:
Thanks for shining your light on this issue anyway.


Oh I’m not taking inconsistencies lightly.
I just try to not let them bother me to much.
There are just to many things in the world to get irritated with.

Fair enough!

You’re absolutely right, very right… :frowning:

Niek/ Amsterdam.