Export Cue - Can we have the choice to add folders on setting up a Job at the exporting section?

Hi Steinberg,

At exporting audio → adding jobs for automated exporting, can you guys please add the choice to click and choose folders?

Exporting entire cues on stems is a very time consuming process as it is, it would be great to create a job for exporting with just one click per cue,


What you mean with cue?
Do you use cycle markers?

Hi there,

I hope I am not missing something, I do use Cycle Markers but Cubase still asks me to choose the channels I am supposed to export. And sometimes they are 15 to 19 at a time…

by Cue I mean in terms of music for films.

I am asked to deliver mastered stems, and so I am working on a construct, with a Group output running the mastering plugins, (using Ozone 8 and Gullfoss).

As you can imagine, I am delivering about 30 cues, time that with 12, 15 sometimes 19 stereo channels, and it can become a huge problem…

it would be great to be able to add each cue in a folder, and then just click the folder one needs to export.


That makes no sense…
You can have a section (area in time) selected with a cycle marker…
If you select the cycle marker and add it to the queue, you can define which channels get exported and how.

And it’s easy to have multiple marker tracks. So use one for your “cues”. No need for folders.


I am not sure I am getting this, thanks for your time and help!

OK so, testing this process, I opened an empty session, dropped in a cue with 15 stereo channels, I set my Cycle Marker number ‘1’. All is well up to this point, went into → export audio → export range → selected: Cycle Markers - Chose Cycle Marker ‘1’ I then go to → Export Queue - Click on Add to Queue, and then a message comes up saying “You Have To select at least one Channel”.

This to me means that I have to choose the channels that are to be exported within this Cycle range, i.e. all 10 to 15 tracks. I usually have 30x 10 or 15…

Do you see what I mean?

Excuse me, but what are cycle markers?

The marker track with cycle markers divides your project in time chunks.
What you need to export is still mandatory information to the export dialog.

I still don’t get your point about folders.

Oh, I think I understand your confusion now…

What is a stem for you? Normally, a processed channel is not a stem…

Ok cheers,

The point is that I am exporting 15 tracks at a time per cue per selected timecodes.
Cycle markers define the selected area.

The way creating a job currently works is by choosing the tracks you need to add per job, one by one, at least this is how I understand it,

How can I add a mass amount of tracks in one go an a job Queue?

This is what I am not getting

Did you ever clicked on “multiple”?

OK cool, By stem I mean a stereo channel, each section of the arrangement usually is exported separately for the final mix.

Oh yeah, that’s the issue, I click on multiple, go to add the job, set my markers for the range and it is asking me to choose the channels, one by one…

Define stereo channel!
Maybe stem isn’t the right name either…

Do you use groups? Group channels/tracks? Or do you export audio tracks?

You can search for names here, and you can select the findings automatically.

Ok so, the process is, I compose the music needed, I then export stereo tracks of each section for each cue,

I group Brass on a group, Strings on a group etc., I export these on a stereo file.

I then go to my mastering session, bring in these stereo files, I then create a group channel with my mastering plugins and what I need to do is to export each one of these stereo channels I exported containing the brass, strings sections etc, through the mastering group channel so that i can deliver these files mastered to the film sound mixing studio for a final mix.

I am sorry buddy,

I don’t mean to confuse the situation, all I am asking is for a way to select many stereo channels, all at once, when I create an Exporting Queue. At the moment , I can’t see this option, I am asked to select the tracks I wish to export, again , sorry to repeat my self, one by one.

Let me see if I understand:

We have a Toomanytracks orchestra. We don’t care for those tracks at all. Right?

We then have groups into which those previous tracks are routed to, per section. Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, Harp, Keys, Strings. Now, those groups may have some processing applied to them, be it eq, compression, spatial processing etc. THESE are the ones we need to export, right?

Let’s say that we have 3 “numbers”, “cues”, “songs”, “pieces” that we have composed, all with their own cycle marker. 3 in total.

In that case, if we go to mixdown, select those 3 markers, then from “multiple” we tick the groups tree (thus selecting all groups - that are esentially our sections) and then as an option CSPM and we give the job, wouldn’t that give what we want? 1 file for each section x 3 cycle markers?

Thanks so much for your reply,

Indeed, we are talking about the same thing,

I think I am missing the Group Tree part you have described. I will have a good look and see if i have missed something,

Thanks so much

Hi there,

So , I followed your suggestions and created a very simple example to show you what I see.

I’m on Cubase 11 BTW.

So, I created a very simple configuration, with a few tracks,

Wrote two pieces, and exported the sections of the virtual orchestra individually
like so:

Example 1

As you can see, I created two cycle markers for each batch of tracks of the two pieces.

I then followed your suggestion and opened the Audio Export->Multiple, I opted to export as per the Cycle Markers, chose said Cycle Markers.

But,. I can’t see the group tree you are referring to. Are you referring to the individual audio tracks (Circled in white)?

Because as you can see, there is no one-click option for me to choose the entire batch of exported audio files for Track one. I have to click them to chose them , one by one.

Again, added the cycle markers and the error message: “You have To select At Least One Channel” comes up:

My issue is that, in reality, ‘Track 1’ & ‘Track 2’ could have 15 to 20 exported audio files that I will need to re-export. And they may not be just 2 tracks (composition) , they may be 30 or more.

I hope this makes sense,


Ok. Now I see. In this case, you are using audio tracks. You can click on the tickbox next to the “Audio tracks Down Arrow”, and select all of them in one go.

If you had instrument tracks instead, that went into Groups (strings, brass, etc) you would tick the Groups Down Arrow to select all groups in one go.


One side-effect I can immediately see is that you will get blank files for Track 2 when exporting Track 1, and blank files for track 1 when exporting track 2.

In this case, you can manually assign a job by track selection.

Like this:

Manual Export Job

Better right click and “Open in New Tab” because the gif is very small here.