Export custom accidentals / playing techniques as vector files

Hello -

I’ve created some custom accidentals, and also some custom playing techniques, in Dorico’s editors. I now need to access them so that I can include them in the front matter of my score. How can this be done? Is there a way of exporting them as vector files so I can write the front matter with an external program? or better still a method that stays within Dorico?

Since the great majority of such customised things will need an explanation in the score, surely this problem will come up for anyone who uses these features.

I’d be grateful for assistance.

This is somewhat of a workaround, but you could create a blank document with just these symbols on it, and export it as an SVG file in Print mode.

Thanks Dan.

It’s not so simple even creating a blank document with the symbols - for the accidentals, for example, I’ll need to edit them in another program (to get rid of the stave lines and so on, because you can’t just input them as floating objects), then re-import them to Dorico, hopefully getting the scale correct between the applications.

I do think that if Dorico has the ability to make these symbols, it should be able to make them available to the user as graphic items. In the majority of contemporary scores there is a legend explaining any unusual symbols. It’s something that Dorico shouldn’t really struggle with.

Best wishes

I agree, and it’s not an ideal solution. I do find it quite easy to edit these sorts of objects in Acrobat Pro: just click and delete. But a direct export would of course be a far better solution.

Yes! For interest here is a screenshot of what I’ve managed to bodge together with Inkscape. Very labour-intensive and the result is still imperfect…