Export does nothing - no window comes up

I’m on Mac OS 10.13.6, WaveLab 8.5 and when I go to File > Export > Render - nothing happens. The export window doesn’t come up.

I am also working from a PC at work, and when I render the montage there, it works fine.
But when I bring the same montage home and try to render on Mac, just nothing happens.

Anyone come across this? TIA!

Can you play the montage on the Mac? If you click the Render button at the bottom of the Master Section, does the Render window appear then? Is the work PC also running Wavelab 8.5 and was the montage created in 8.5? I haven’t had any backward compatibility issues from 9.5, but there might be exceptions.

is there no error message when the render window doesn’t open?