Export Dry Stems?

Is there any way to export dry stems from Cubase?

Any assistance is appreciated.

There is no simple function built in as far as I’m aware but of course it is possible with some faffing.

  1. You can set a range selection then bounce selection which will create new audio files directly in your project audio folder. You can dig them out the folder by date/time created and may want to do some renaming!

  2. Save project and then use “Save as” to create a render only project copy with a new name and reset the mixer before using batch export.
    Revert to the original project to carry on as you were.

yes. you can bypass all channel inserts and channel strips by either setting up key commands for them:

or in the mix console you can alt+click on the I E CS S buttons to disable elements of processing. I is inserts E is EQ CS is channel strip (cubase version of prochannel) and S is sends.

Then export the project as usual.

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