Export edited video

I am still on N5 and there is no way to export the editing you do on a video.
Has the situation changed with N6?
Sometimes I mix music for videos and the client just need a couple of cuts here and there. But if I can’t save the new video there is no point in doing the cuts! :frowning:

No, Nuendo is audio software. You need video software. And I don´t want the two mixed in one application.
If client wants new cuts for picture I tell him to go to editor, do the changes and send me the new picture.
Considering the whole production chain and delivering the final product this is the only reliable way to do it.
If you are a one man business taking care both video and sound then use right tools for that, like Sony Vegas…

Bye / Tumppi

Tumppi, I’m definitely with you on this one.

+1 to Tumppi.

But: Right now you even need a video-software to create (bounce) a video-extract! That’s way too complicated.

I am not asking for video editing! I am just asking the possibility to bounce the video file. We already have the ability to cut and paste the video. Ability which is useless if we can’t save the result of it.

No to video editing - but a HUUUGE yes to export selection as Quicktime video with sound!!! Yes please.

Multiple times every day I provide preview quality videos to clients with sound synchronised. Obviously they’re not assessing the video, but they can’t assess the sound without the video. My current workflow is to export sound, noting the timecode in-point, open Quicktime Pro, delete it’s current sound track, navigate to the correct frame, add to movie, trim the movie to provide a preview of the section being worked on, export the movie.

This is a workflow killer!

Every other major DAW can do a QT export - please, please, please bring this capability to Nuendo!!!

You are asking for video editing. You wan´t to the ability to export your edited video. That is video editing.
And I still resist.
Video editors are there to make picture edits and it is their responsibility that everything is technically, format vice and every other way as it should be and only the correct picture versions are delivered to clients etc. If this production chain is messed up and something goes wrong whose responsibility it is?
Sound department do sound and video dep. does video. Don´t mix the two unless as I said you do both yourself and then should use right tools to achieve that.
Adding video editing would make Nuendo too heavy program with all the video codecs and compression rates needed etc.
And I´m too scared to even thing how difficult it would be for SB to make it even as bug free as Nuendo is now.

But I give a big yes to exporting a QT video with uncut video track with sound from Nuendo. Just like PT…

Bye / Tumppi

No Tumppi - not video editing. Just select between two markers and export video and sound into a Quicktime. Simple and essential. Pro Tools does it, Digital Performer does it, Logic does it.

I was answering to Biss… :sunglasses:
And as I said in my post, yes to the way PT does it…

Bye / Tumppi

Sorry Tumppi. +1 for that.

A big “yes” to this! And to be clear - not video editing - just export the selected region as a video file with synced audio.

Yes, a BIG +1


Meh… I´m rather opposed to these “jack of all trades” programs.

Maybe a “bounce to video file”,ok… but then, where does it end with the feature requests.
I don´t want Nuendo to become another Sony Vegas. SB better focus on the audio production features and leave the video stuff to other programs.

Exactly, Marsman - I don’t want Nuendo to be a video editing program either (I use Adobe Premiere for that work), but a simple bounce to (choose your file format) video file would greatly simplify work flow for me, and I suspect for others who simply want - or need - to show a client the current sync to pic work that has been done.
For a client to review audio work I have done sync’d to video I have to export the audio file, import into Premiere and then export from Premiere. How I long for a simple bounce to picture button in Nuendo to accomplish this in one step instead of three.

So, why can we already cut the video in Nuendo? And what would be the difference between exporting uncut video from two markers and exporting a cut video from two markers, since we already can cut videos?
I am not sure what you are resisting. Cutting videos is already there!

Because it is needed as a visual reference after (re-)conforming a project.

Cutting and re-arranging a video file is something totally different than generating a new videofile.
It would involve codecs, formats and all of the complicated stuff that videoeditors have to deal with.
As being said by others, we would end up with a Vega’s-version.
Which is a totaly different application.

If only the “replace audio in videofile” would work fine …
But unfortunately you immediately bump into the same sort of problems.
There is no point in adding 48kHz PCM audio in a heavily compressed H264 video file to be send to the client.
So we need to re-convert the video & audio into a smaller format; or add the video in the (same) compressed format as the video. Which makes it all complicated and never (read: NEVER) usable for everyone. Simply because we all work (or want) different formats. And the format is dictated by the size of the file. So there is no halfway solution.

(Just my personal opinion …)

Ok. I understand. I don’t want Steinberg to mess up Nuendo either. Better concentrate on audio.

Well said!

Bye / Tumppi

Forgive me if I’m misunderstanding, but there is every point in adding uncompressed audio to compressed video.

I completely agree that Nuendo should not be a video editor! That is indeed the job of Media Composer or Final Cut.

But every day I send high quality audio to directors sync’d to a preview quality video so that they can hear what I’ve done in relation to the picture. The picture can be low quality. The director is assessing the sound and how it fits with the picture, not the quality of the picture. If the director is happy, then I can pass the audio file to the editor to drop on the picture timeline, or send audio stems as part of a package to the dubbing mix.

Copy video rather than transcode would be fine for this purpose, as neither I nor the director care about the quality of the video during this back-and-forth passing of drafts.

I do this every day, as do many of my colleagues. The difference is, my colleagues tend to use Pro Tools, and so when they create the video previews with uncompressed audio they do it straight from Pro Tools. They don’t have to faff around with Quicktime Pro just to provide a director with good audio against low quality video.

This capability would not erode Nuendo’s audio only pedigree. It would just bring it in line with what Pro Tools does and what a lot of users need every single day.