Export/extract Track name list

This may or may not be a simple one.

Is there a way to export the track list - as a list of names in say notepad, or better to import into Excel etc.

I am building a massive film scoring template and I want to (for a number of reasons) list the channels I have in my template, even if they are disabled.

I have tried exporting the note pad text but I need to have text in every track for this to work. I currently have 500+ tracks in my template.

It goest without saying that adding a string to every notepad would talke a very long time!


You can do this in Nuendo: File > Export > Notepad Data.

Hint: you can run 25 hours of the Nuendo demo.

It will open your .cprs and using it just for exporting text, those 25 hours will be plenty.


Cubase has an export notepad function but there needs to be at least a single character on the notepad for it to export. If it is blank it passes over it. Will Nuendo take the blank notepad tracks as well?

Not understanding this. If there’s no notepad data then there’s nothing to export. Why would you want to export nothing?

The OP wants a simple list of track names and Cubase does not provide this function, so as a workaround it is suggested to do “Export -> Notepad Data”. This does include the track names but only if something has been entered in the “notepad” for that track. It’s not about the notes as such. For example, it looks like this:

Notes - Test project

Upright bass:
Notes for the bass track!

… the track name is “Upright bass” and the note added was “Notes for the bass track!” but there are many more tracks in that test project – they just don’t have notes, and are therefore not included in the exported file. If the file even included all track names and a blank line for those tracks without notepad content, then at least we could hack the output to make a tracklist.

Thanks MrSoundman - exactly this.

I guess the next question is “anyone know of a script or utility that will add text automatically into every notepad field of an 800 trk template…”

You should be able to make a macro let’s say using AHK, that walks through your project track by track and inserts a character in the track notepad.
(AHK = Auto Hot Keys)

Got it now. Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:

On other possibilty (a hack, in other words) would be to select all tracks in your template and “Export selected tracks” … that will produce an XML file that a programmer could parse to extract the track names. All you need are the programming skills to do this :wink:


As far as I cans from the XML file, this is the structure for the Audio track:

	<list name="track" type="obj">
		<obj class="MAudioTrackEvent" ID="...">
			<obj class="MAUdioTrack"...
				<member name="DeviceAttributes">
					<member name="Name">
						<string name="String" value="01 drums" wide="true"/>

where 01 drums is the name of the Audio track.

For FX Channel it looks like this

	<list name="track" type="obj">
		<obj class="MTrack" name="Track Device" ID="...">
			<member name="DeviceAttributes">
				<member name="Name">
					<string name="String" value="FX 1" wide="true"/>

where FX 1 is the name of the FX Channel.

I don’t know of a way to get the track names but if you had an audio track of just a couple of seconds of each track, you could go to the audio folder and export them to a text file. I use a Software called ForkLift 3 for the Mac and it has the ability. Also the ability to mass rename files and sync folders. Most useful software I have found for a file utility program. It’s not expensive and saves tons of time.

… or Steinberg could just make a small modification to the existing “Export Notepad Data” to write the track names even if none of the tracks have Notepad data.

Just getting back to this, if you select the tracks and do “Export selected tracks” to a file – let’s say C:\temp\tracks.xml – then Windows users can use Powershell to generate a list of the MIDI track names as follows:

Select-Xml -Path "C:\temp\tracks.xml" -XPath "//obj[@class='MMidiTrack']" | ForEach-Object {$_.Node.string[4].value}

So, for example, I selected four MIDI tracks, did “Export selected tracks” to a file, started Powershell and did:

PS C:> Select-Xml -Path “C:\temp\tracks.xml” -XPath “//obj[@class=‘MMidiTrack’]” | ForEach-Object {$_.Node.string[4].value}


MMidiTrack class is for the MIDI tracks only. If you want to see the names of Audio tracks, you need MAudioTrack class and MTrack class for the FX/Groups. I haven’t check it, but I would expect MSampleTrack class is also available.

Sorry for the very late reply -I just didn’t want MrSoundman’s efforts to go unacknowledged!

The powershell method does indeed work…

Also agree that a quick code amendment by Steinberg would be far easier!

Many thanks!