Export first minute of each song in an audio montage


I have 12 songs in a montage, every song on separate tracks under each other.
I want to export wav files of each song, but only of the first minute of each song.
I thought maybe I could set region markers from 0 to 1 minute, and then choose export - multiple outputs - all regions.
But it makes just ONE exported file.

I also tried putting cd markers from 0 - 1 min and choose “all cd tracks in group”. But when I try to export it says “you have specified that you want to render regions, but there are none in the audio source”.

Help please? How can I achive what I want here?

This should work if you don’t try to use CD Track Groups. CD Track Groups are for something else. For the redner source, try All Regions/CD Tracks.

This is a case where you don’t want CD Track Splice makers though or the unwanted audio will end up in the files. You want a separate start and end marker.

Or, if you want to keep the CD markers how they would normally be, you could insert the white region markers so they are from 0 - 1 min and choose “All Regions/Regions” in the Render Source.

I doubt that all regions would work, since WL assumes that audio below each other should be mixed - if it does work, you’ll probably end up with 1 one-minute track with a mix from all 12 songs’ first minute.

In this case I think rendering all CLIPS and after that use the batch processor to cut all to 1 minute should work. But more in general, if you don’t really have a specific reason to put twelve songs on their own track under each other, simply don’t. You’ll be losing a lot of WL functionality that way.

I did this Justin! But it just made ONE wav file of all tracks :confused:

Hmm would you mind describe how I use the batch processor too do that? I have never used the batch processor.

I have the tracks under each other on their own tracks because I find it easy to listen to them one at a time and compare them, when setting the volume with the maximizer. If I have them on one single track it would be hard to do as easy i guess, and I cant use the track effects (maximizer and eq)

would you mind describe how I use the batch processor too do that?

There is a “Resizer” plugin.

You could also use the Auto Split tool, with the Cut Tail option.


MrPicker, it sounds like you don’t have the files in a stairstep pattern (one after the other) in the montage. That’s necessary to do what Justin’s talking about, and that’s what I assumed you had. Stairstep pattern with no overlap, all tracks un-muted, and separate 1 minute white region markers for each file.

I shall read about this “resizer” plugin.

The “auto split tool”, is this something I can use in the audio montage to split the audio files you mean? Like using the scissor in cubase? If so could use it to split the files in the audio montage, select the first half of each clip, and then choose render selected clips. But, how do I glue the clips back together again afterwards? (if this is how it works)

The “auto split tool”, is this something I can use in the audio montage to split the audio files you mean?

Not at all. This is an independent tool that operates on audio files.


I just tested here on a normal album layout and my idea works. This was a simple DDP assembly montage so I didn’t have to stagger clips on alternating tracks but the concept should be the same:

Insert a white region marker at the start of each CD track, then insert a white region end marker one minute into each track. Make sure each region start marker has a name, and render with the settings shown in my screen shot and it will work. The white region start markers in the waveform area are covered up by the existing splice markers but you can see the white end markers clearly. The marker tab shows both start/end markers well. It’s actually very easy to use the shortcut to skip to next marker to place the white region start marker precisely where a CD track splice or other marker already exists.

I just rendered files that were only in the designated white marker areas. I didn’t get precise about each one being only a minute but you get the idea…
Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 3.42.01 PM.png

Hi Justin!

I got 12 songs on a single track in a montage. Do you know if I can somehow make the program generete the white markers at the beginning of each track, and one one minute into each track? Or do I have to manually create all markers an drag them to their places?


Or how I can make the wavelab manually create the white markers at the same points where all my cd markers are? (Plus additional markers 1 minute into each song)

how I can make the wavelab manually create the white markers at the same points where all my cd markers are

In the marker window, there is a function to convert markers.


I think you’ll have to manually do it. PG’s suggestion of converting the CD Track start markers can work, but if you want to keep those markers in-tact for their normal use, you could make quick work with keyboard shortcuts by jumping to each CD Track Start marker using the keyboard shortcut, using another keyboard shortcut to drop a white marker, and then moving the cursor roughly 1 minute into the track and using the shortcut to drop another white marker.

I think you could get very fast at it with some practice and utilizing the shortcuts.

Indeed, loosing CD markers, means also loosing data associated to them, like CD Text.

This is what I thought. I think it would be annoying to lose any data. If it were me, I would just use the shortcuts to jump to each CD Track marker, and use a shortcut to drop a generic white marker. Maybe there is a shortcut to move the cursor forward by 60 seconds so that it’s easy to drop the 2nd generic white marker to define the end of the 60 second preview?

I think it could be done fast with shortcuts, but there is not an automatic way.