Export glitches on tempo changes

I’m having an issue where my exports from Cubase will have a glitch/audio drop out on tempo changes. It happens from time to time, especially on big tempo jumps. I’m a film composer so there’s always quite a few of those.

It doesn’t happen on playback, only when I’ve exported the file.

My only cure for this problem is to have a clean (no tempo changes) track version of the tempo track to use when I export. This resolves any issues.
Once a project have this issue, the dropout is consistent with the tempo changes - it happens at the same spot, no matter how many tracks I freeze or file format I export. The only way for me to resolve it is to remove any tempo changes.


Are the projects MIDI, Audio or a mixture of the two?

I’ve not observed this but do not typically have wide tempo changes in my work. I’ll see if I can duplicate it when time permits.

Thanks for your reply!

Yeah, it’s always a bit of both. Maybe 50/50 - I bounce down a lot of midi.

Oh. And I’m on a Mac.