Export Halion 7 program as a vstpreset MONOLITH (embedded samples)?

Like the title says: Export/Save Halion 7 Program as a vstpreset MONOLITH (embedded samples)? Is it possible, how?
When I right click and Export I get a folder with samples, not a monolith.

You could create a library and export a vstsound using Library Creator.

That could actually work. I was hoping to make monoliths from single presets, but I guess I have to wait and build up more stuff and then make a library. Hopefully not misplacing any samples in the interim.

Unless you can add to a library as you go? Will it work to use this function, to temporarily mount the library, if I want to add presets from time to over a few months?

You can update an existing library and add more presets later. But you need all the samples and other assets used when building a vstsound file.

Temporarily mounting a library is really just for testing.

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