Export/Import SPECIFIC Macros AND Project Logical Editor USER presets


I know how to edit the Key Commands.xml in order to paste there macros from another setup. I also know that for project logical editor presets, all I have to do is to paste their xml files in the corresponding user presets folder (and of course insert them in the Key Commands.xml as well).

However, not everyone should really know such stuff, to not mention the danger involved with a careless edit of the initial xml.

So, I’m wondering, is there a “hidden” utility to do a massive export of selected (checked) macros and project logical editor user presets? I think this would be easily done, if not already implemented.

My case here, is that I have a bunch of macros/logical presets binded to my own script, which I wish to share. BUT, I don’t want to perplex “ordinary” users with this type of imports. It would be confusing and discouraging at least.