Export Inspector Patch option deactivated

I am trying to export my project as a MIDI file from Cubase AI 7, but the Export Inspector Patch or Export Inspector Volume/Pan options are greyed out. Any idea whether they are deactivated on purpose by Steinberg in this version of Cubase? There doesn’t seem to be a way to make them available.

Thanks in advance.

I have the same problem with Cubase 7.5.30. Haven’t found a solution yet. Strange that there doesn’t seem to be any info about the problem anywhere. Even in the Cubase manual there a screenshot where you can see that the option is greyed out, but they don’t comment on this in the manual.

I found the solution (at least in Cubase 7.5): if you have “export sends” or “export inserts” enabled, then the “Export Inspector Patch” and “Export Inspector Volume/Pan” becomes deactivated. Solution is to disable “export sends” and “export inserts”. Apparently you can’t have both.