Export issue

I can’t figure out why the real time export is quicker than the normal process - which now seems to take twice as long and this on a project with 6 tracks! Each update seems to have made the export process take longer and longer. Am I the only user concerned about this?


I have read similar report on the forum already. Could you search for it, please?

Can you confirm this even without using UAD plug-ins?

Thanks Martin - a reliable source of advice as always. I plan later today to do a few tests to see whether this is plugin related. However it has to be said that it seems strange that the real time processing should be so much quicker on a project with 6 tracks!!

Well the Export without the UAD plugs did not make any difference. However, upping the buffer to 1024 meant that I saved about a minute and a half! I guess that is the answer. Thanks Martin.

Sorry, do I understand it right, even if you escort without UAD, it’s very slow, right?

Did you just bypass UADs or did you remove them from the project?

I turned them off in system info - so the cards were turned off.

Actually there are other issues which actually are beginning to concern me more. The visual representation of export is very erratic. Sometimes it follows events showing meter reading etc. Sometimes it doesn’t. In real time the audition function does not work. Sometimes the print on the export window (when it is exporting) is blank. Sometimes the cursor does not follow the event. I never know what I am going to get. On one occasion I had to control and delete as the render process would not stop.