Export Korg m1 to Cubase

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I have a Korg M1 with midi songs from a few years ago. I’m trying to export the songs and midi tracks to Cubase with no avail. I have tried creating midi tracks in Cubase setting channels i.e. 1-8 (to replicate the Korg M1 channels) and playing the song and recording in Cubase. All I seem to get is the same midi part replicated on each track Cubase. I have also tried a sequencer midi dump from the Korg M1 Global option but nothing is recorded in Cubase. Can anyone suggest how I do this or point me in the direction of any videos that may help.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Page 87 in the Manual. If you are recording to Cubase in realtime make sure that each of the 8 tracks is on its OWN midi channel in the sequencer, F1-F4 MIDI CHANNEL.

  2. Also, make sure that the track in Cubase is on the SAME channel per track as well as The Korgs channel

  3. You can try to record your midi dump on the global page but make sure in the Cubase Preferences that SYSEX is NOT turned off. Record enable the track in Cubase with its midi channel matching the GLOBAL midi channel on the Korg. Hit record in Cubase THEN hit the midi dump on the Korg

EASY way is to make a midi track in Cubase, record enable it. Hit record in Cubase. Hit play on the Korg and record it in, it will record ALL the midi onto that track.

After that simply select the midi event, go to midi menu and select DISSOLVE PART and select tracks. Voila

Hi Shanabit

Apologies for the late reply. Thanks for your advice. This has worked a treat and will save me a lot of time.

Thanks again