Export List Editor data to CSV

For a MIDI track, is there a way to export the data (as in List Editor) to a text file (csv)?


Cubase 7.5, Windows 8

Not directly, but you can export the track as a midi file and then use a conversion tool (e.g. found by google search).


Thanks Mike. I searched MIDI-CSV tools and came across one that didn’t work for me.
I tried the Windows version. Do you know of one simpler to use?


I’ve never done it myself, but I just did a quick search and found http://archive.today/RYUmu It looks like it might work for you on windows.


Thanks. Sorry Mike. Your link is incomplete :frowning:

Link corrected…

It could be perfect, except on my Windows 8 I can’t drag and drop the MIDI file. Shall try on an older PC.
Does it work for anyone else?

I’m fairly sure you can do that in Win8… But I don’t have Win8 handy here so I can’t guide you. Here’s two ideas that might help:

  1. Ctrl-right click the .mid file, select OpenWith, then browse to the downloaded exe.

  2. Drag both files into the same dir and then drag/drop the .mid onto the .exe in explorer - surely that’ll work?


Mike, nothing seems to happen with either method :frowning:

I can only test here on Win7 and it produces a CSV file. I double clicked the .exe and the window appeared (looking like the website pic). I dragged a .mid file exported from Cubase onto that window. Some of the details changed so I knew it had accepted and read the file. Then I pressed the ExportCSV button and it created a CSV file in the same folder as the .mid that I dragged in. I opened the CSV file in Excel and it looked like a spreadsheet of midi info. I would say it was all working. Perhaps the bit you didn’t check was where the CSV file went - look in the same folder?


It works now. I rebooted. That must have fixed it.
Thanks a lot for helping me, Mike.

Next I shall try it the other way … found it on his site.

Cool, glad to help. I hope you get it working the other way round too! BTW, what are you using this for if I may ask?