Export lyrics from Dorico?

Is there a way to export lyrics from Dorico? After tweaking them, I’d like to export a final version.

select the passage/ Edit/ Filter lyrics/ Copy and Paste in another application.
Or: right click on a word/ Lyrics/ Edit lyrics line/ Copy/ Paste into another application and rearrange.
If that’s what you want.

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Thank you, @jeanpierre!

I could only get Dorico 3.5 to export the lyrics of one verse at a time, not all lyrics at once as does Finale. Click on first word in that verse of lyrics, then Shift-Cmd-A twice, then Cmd-C to copy. The words of that verse are now on the clipboard for pasting into another app. (1) Is there a way to copy all lyrics at once?
(2) Also, is there any way to get the lyrics to export without the hyphens? Finale has “Remove Hyphens and Underscores” as an option in the Export Lyrics dialog.

Unfortunately there is not a way to do this automatically. The easiest way, IMO, is to copypasta them one stanza at a time, then remove the hyphens using a bulk find-and-replace (or even fancier, GREP).

Surely the easiest way is just to find another source for the text online?

Religious texts? Poems? Song lyrics? It’s all on a page somewhere.

These are original translations that don’t exist elsewhere (if this is the EricC I think it is!)…

Great idea, @benwiggy, but … Dan is right. These are new lyrics (translated), so not on the web yet. Actually, some of them are changing as we engrave … :slight_smile:

Yes, Dan, that’s what I’ll do. Not a biggy. I can do find/replace in a text editor almost as easily as the the smart ones can use GREP (a la InDesign, which I used to know how to use before they went subscription).

So they were only on a piece of paper, before you typed them into Dorico?

(Sorry, just curious…)

New translations from English to Lithuanian.

And it would all have to be checked.

I edit texts outside Dorico and paste everything in but it would be much better if the text was dynamically linked to what’s on the page. I’d like to be able to import the text, mark it up within Dorico (and be able to show/hide the markup), and see the text on the page updated automatically.

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