Export Marker List as Text Issue

I’ve just tried exporting marker names (names only) to pure text to re-import into another montage to rename the markers there. It seems to work fine with a marker rename preset I made.

I then rendered files from the 2nd montage, and tried to compress the folder using Win 10 right-click compress. But I get the message “01 Song One.wav cannot be compressed because it includes characters that cannot be used in a compressed folder, such as .” The compress works in 7zip, but it doesn’t work in Win 10 internal zip.

It seems like “export marker names to pure text” (name only) adds some strange invisible character to the first character of the first marker name exported.

Like if the first marker name is

Song One

it looks right in the Notepad export, but (in Notepad) it takes two right-arrow key strokes to get the cursor from before the S to after the S, where it should just take one stroke.

Could this be checked out and possibly changed? The Wavelab marker rename capabilities are so great, I’m thrilled to be able to do this, but did run into this little snag.

Please upload a file that has this character problem.

The forum won’t allow a txt file upload. I guess I could zip, but this should be fairly easy to reproduce.

Export marker list as Text. Pure Text. Only select “Name” to export.
Open in Notepad. With the cursor in the first line of the exported text file, press the Home key. Then use the right-arrow key to try to get past the first character. It takes 2 or more keystrokes of the right-arrow key to get past the first character. Because there’s something funny there.

But it looks fine. It doesn’t look like there’s a space there or anything.

If I import that text file into another montage using the batch marker rename tool with an “import and insert line from text file” step, it will rename the markers in the second montage. And they’ll look fine in the CD marker list. But if you put the cursor in the Track 1 field and try the Home / Right arrow key stuff, you’ll see the same problem. Only in the first track.

If I render Regions/CD tracks from that second montage, and then try to zip the render folder using Win 10 built in zip, I get the message “Song 01.wav cannot be compressed because it includes characters that cannot be used in a compressed folder”.

It’s only the first song file that has the problem. And the name looks fine, but it’s not fine.

I have found that the exported file contains twice the UTF-8 BOM (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byte_order_mark)
I guess this is the source of your problem. I will fix that.

Thank you PG, and thanks for checking it out.