Export markers as CSV: Length always displayed in bars?

Dear people at Steinberg,

Can you please confirm that when exporting a marker-list as CSV the exported list always shows the column “length” in bars while all the other time-related columns are being displayed in timecode-format?
Besides that I’m missing a clearly marked difference between location markers and cycle markers.

Or am I doing something wrong?
Thanks for any suggestions.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

If you want seconds, then change your main ruler to Timecode before you export.

Cycle markers have their length included/displayed in the .csv file, single markers haven’t.


Thanks Fredo,

Your theory is the same as my thoughts, so I tried changing the main ruler to timecode before posting my “issue”, and I found out that didn’t work out…….

I think it would make a clear difference in the csv-file if Steinberg displays cycle-markers (in the ID-column) between brackets, just as is done in Nuendo’s marker-list……………now cycle markers are displayed just as a number (ID), which can have the same number as a location marker. I think, with a little effort Steinberg could make this feature waterproof…….(and it saves me from editing my csv-files :wink: )

Niek/ Amsterdam