Export Markers to CSV or Text?

Hey all,

I have spotted a movie with a client and made marker tracks at the correct positions in the timeline/arrange window. Is it possible to export the marker track as either a csv file or a text file to save some typing time?


Hi - I see this is about to fall off the front page so I’ll answer partially -

the Index of the Operations Manual directs you to the right page with the instructions. Sorry I don’t remember exactly how I did it, but I do remember that it was pretty painless by following those instructions.

Hope it works for you, maybe someone else will come along and give you a step-by-step.

Thanks, all I see is the ability to export the markers as a midi file or track archiv (143-144) I was hoping there’s a way to export a text/csv file.

If all your looking to do is bring them from one project to another, might be worth tryihng to exporting/re-importing the track archiv. For other purposes, sorry I am not familiar with that …

Nuendo does this, Cubase does not.

Thanks Tom.

Bumping this up. There must be some way to export marker names with their IDs and timecodes.
I mean – in the end it’s just text. It would be perfect if we could just hit CTRL-C to copy the text to the clipboard.

I have lots of markers which I have to export to a Google Doc and I’m using a OCR software to do this.
Anyone knows a better way?

After exporting as a midi file, you could then convert the midifile into a more usable format. This free app might be of use http://www.tima.uk.com/midianal.htm


I’m bumping this topic because that was a feature I was really looking for… And well, tired of waiting or not being able to find it, I’ve just… coded it.

Here it is. Hope you guys enjoy !



:smiley: Thanks!!

That is not what is requested! The input file is MIDI and output should be .csv.

I want this feature too!

It seems like some people reading this thread didn’t understand the original request. Here is my specific case, which is similar but I only need the labels.

I record a podcast in Cubase. While editing the audio, I place markers in a marker track, labeling each topic in the interview.

I want to post a list of the topics discussed in the interview. It would be a piece of cake to do that if I could run a function from the Markers window that exports the list of marker labels (with or without associated marker data) to a file.

So is there any suggestion to do this in Cubase?

well… the online tool which Early Reflexions’ve created generates cue sheet from exported marker track. Just ignore timecode and unnecessary data and here it is.

Interesting. I’ve bookmarked the page. I’d be interested in a local file rather than sharing my data online. Thank you so much for your help!

Thanks a lot for this. It saved me a massive amount of time on my latest project. Made a tiny donation to show my appreciation too. Hope this becomes an official Cubase feature at some point, but until this - this tool is perfect.

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This is FANTASTIC! Thank you so much. Hope this becomes a permanent feature in Cubase.

Great! My cues comes up on the site, but when trying to open in Numbers or Google spreadsheet, none of the cues are there, just the header and info.

Still not possible in Cubase 12. Even if I could just copy the cycle marker data into the notepad. That would work. Best I can do is screen print it and that is not what I want. I’m working on a TAPE transfer project and I have TAPE-01-01-Title, TAPE-01-02-Title 2, etc. The only thing I know to do is type it twice.

Thanks for doing this. It should be part of Cubase to do this. At least there is a work around.