Export menu random order. Anybody know why?

Cubase 9.5, but possibly earlier versions too.

When I go to the Export Menu to render individual Vstis they don’t appear to be in a logical order, not alphabetical or following my Arrange page. See the pic.

Am I missing some way of linking them, or is something else going on?

This list should follow the same order as your VST instrument list, which is based on when you added each plugin to the project.

I agree Romantique Tp that it is logical to reflect the order of VSTis (active) as listed in the project window, but as you can see it doesn’t.

I don’t mean the project window, but the VSTi menu that shows up if you press F11 or open the right zone. Are the plugins not in the same order?

Hi Romantique Tp. That’s useful. I didn’t think to check the right zone. However I think that there’s still an issue here. I wonder if I can reduce it to steps.

If I open a project and go straight to export dialogue, the VSTi list follows my Arrange Page order.
If I change the order in Arrange, then those changes are not reflected in the export list at any time during the session
If I then close and re-open the project, the export list now re-arranges to matches my Arrange Page.

The right zone stays in the order in which the VSTis were created at all times I think - though I haven’t tested this.

Can anyone reproduce this? It’s only a small irritant, but I am exporting individual Vstis with variations from a biggish project and I have been caught out a few times by this behaviour.

Wouldn’t it seem more logical to have the Export order re-sync to the Arrange Page each time Export Menu is invoked?

Here’s another oddity, the export Vsti list DOES update dynamically if you disable and enable Vstis, but the order doesn’t. i think in a nutshell that’s what I am saying.

I had this issue sometimes…
And is annoying… :frowning:

Aah Sonik, so it’s not just here, thanks.