Export MIDI File > Export Options > Export Selected Tracks

It’s a shame this feature was never implemented but here is the way I think it should work:

  1. select the MIDI tracks you want to export
  2. Click on File>Export>“MIDI File…”
  3. Select Destination Folder
  4. in the “Export Options” window there is a new checkbox stating “Export Selected Tracks”
  5. RESULT ----> Cubase exports a MIDI file containing ONLY the tracks selected.

Super helpful for composers to orchestrator workflow.

I don’t understand the point of this post and adding it as a feature request when the feature is already implemented. Or maybe I’m missing something ?

Maybe that’s the problem, some things don’t work as some expect.

AFAIK the only option is, to solo the track you want to export, then do the “export as midi file” command.

It already exports the selected tracks only, not the whole project… You don’t have to click Solo or whatever.
If 3 tracks are selected, it will create only one .mid file but when you import it back it will create 3 separate MIDI Tracks with their corresponding Events.

Also, various option are available under Preferences > Import Options for MIDI Files.

Here it always exports all tracks, selected or not. Unless I solo the ones I want to export.

why not just right click and export region or midi track … easier just like in Bandlab

Yes my bad, it works exactly like audio export.

I disagree
In “export audio mixdown” dialog you can choose the tracks you want to export, such options are not possible in the export midi file>Export Options dialog.
I say we keep things easy and we just add a new checkbox in the Export Option Dialog that appears after you select the output destination for your midi file.
@ozinga you are 100% right, you can accomplish what I’m looking for by soloing the tracks, I wish that was not the case, its an extra step and it makes it quite harder to automate especially using the PLE…

I totally understand what is your request, and I second it :

We need a fancy window like Audio Mixdown that lets us select which MIDI tracks we want to export, with an additional option to export them as separate files.

nonono wwait
completely wrong
we actually DONT NEED another fancy window. We already have it in the preferences AND it shows up AFTER you select the midi file destination output. It’s called export options… All I’m asking here is to add a checkmark in the EXPORT OPTIONS window stating “EXPORT SELECTED TRACKS ONLY”
That’s all
its in the original post
please no more fancy windows

Not helpful