"Export MIDI Loop" renders audio for faster browsing

Logic has green Apple Loops; Studio One has “musicloops” but the concept is the same: MIDI data plus instrument settings plus mixer/FX settings, PLUS an audio render for quick auditioning. It takes a little more time when you’re creating the loop, but that couple extra seconds bothers me much less than the many cumulative seconds it takes to browse through a bunch of MIDI loops, as is the case now.

For me, Loop Browser has been unusable since I started back on v8.5. I can audition maybe 4-5 loops, then the whole program crashes every time, without fail. Even if it didn’t crash, the experience is a real buzzkill compared to browsing through audio files. The previews are SLOOOOW. And understandably so, since it has to load instrument patches, FX and whatnot for EACH ITEM DOWN THE LIST.

Why make the Loop Browser work so hard? Just index each loop with an audio file and life would be so much better! K thanks.