Export MIDI Options dialog strange rules


It seems that export midi dialog have some mistakes for selecting options. Technical equipment in signature. These steps was made on Cubase Artist 9.

Steps I did:

  1. File -> Export -> MIDI File -> (filename dialog) -> Export Options dialogbox.
  2. In this dialogbox first two options (“Export Inspector Path” and “Export Inspector Volume/Pan”) are disabled, “Export Inserts” and “Export Markers” options are checked.
  3. By unchecking “Export Inserts”, first two options becomes enabled.
  4. Then I check “Export Automation” and automaticaly “Export Inserts” becomes checked. First two options still enabled.
  5. Then I uncheck “Export Automation”, but “Export Inserts” stays checked. Now first two options becomes disabled. If there is any logic, then next step will destroy it!
  6. Then I check “Export Automation” again, but first two options do not react and don’t becomes enabled as it was in step 4.
    Next one I suppose is error…
  7. I click on “Export Inserts” option - the state from checked to unchecked did not change, but first two options becomes enabled. Strange!
  8. Then I click on “Export Sends” make it checked, first two options becomes disabled.
  9. Then I uncheck “Export Sends”, but first two options stays disabled.
    10 . Again - clicking on “Export Inserts” don’t change the state of checkbox (it is checked), but first two options becomes enabled.

Maybe there is some logic in all this, but as a programmer I feel with backbone that there is something wrong.

I sympathize with you! From what I can see if I do set “Export Inspector Patch” it doesn’t seem to actually set the patch correctly - needs some investigating from my side.

Were you able to check all the boxes for the export option?