Export MIDI so it appears in Ableton as one long file

When I export (for example) 5 glued together clips from Cubase 5 as one long file, when my friend imports it into Ableton the clips are broken apart again as separate clips.

How do I force Cubase to not do this?

Also the clips only have the correct positional information if I make a little dummy note at the very start and end of the file. Simply dragging out the MIDI file to file the song length doesn’t work - Ableton just imports only the little clip (s) and stick them at it’s bar 1 position - even if the bar position is (for example) bar 10 in Cubase.

Is adding little dummy start end notes the only answer?

Thank you.


To me it sounds like Ableton Live doesn’t import the MIDI file correctly. It seams it ignores the real position and place the very 1st note to the position.

Does Cubase import it back correctly?

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Yes Cubase 12 imports the file correctly.

I just presumed that’s because I made it in Cubase.

So you think Ableton is ignoring positional information?

Interesting, thank you.


Sorry, I’m not Ableton Live expert at all. Maybe there is a settings…

I’ll ask him to look for a setting.

Thank you for your thoughts.