Export Midi

I would like to assign a key-command for File/Export/Midi… since I use it all the time in the project I am currently working on. I couldn’t find this action in Preferences/Key Commands

Should I look somewhere else for it? Thanks for you help!
Best, Roberto

You can already use Alt-F E M to get to the MIDI export dialog.

Ciao Janus, thanks for the reply. I din’t understand the shortcut you posted.

Do you press Alt together with the keys F, E and M or is FEM some special key?
Sorry for the dumb question…

It doesn’t actually matter! Alt-F invokes the file menu, E and M access the relevant sub-menus

The equivalent command on a Mac (opt-F) may not work.

Yes, I was trying it right now, but it doesn’t seem to work… There has to be a way to access the Menu via keyboard on the Mac, so I guess I’ll find it eventually. But still, it’s curious that this action (Export Midi)is not shown on the Key Commands Menu in Preferences

Sorry for sending you down a Windows rabbit hole!

There is. It’s somewhere in the System Preferences, probably under Keyboard > Accessibility. I have never explored its functionality, but I think it is designed more for users with physical limitations to enable them to navigate between the various menu items (using the arrow keys and tab) rather than for “power users” to set up macros or keyboard shortcuts for specific actions.

No problem! I found the way, it’s like @StevenJones01 suggested. Default shortcut is Ctrl+F2
The thing is that even accessing the Menu bar with Keyboard, there are still a bunch of clicks to do (at least on Mac), where I’d love to have one shortcut assigned directly to that action.

I can’t find Export MIDI via the Jump Bar either. It looks to me as if File > Export File (no ellipsis) is not hooked up to anything. I tried it in 4.0, with no result.

@Eric_Pajata I use AutoHotkey for a dozen uses like this in Dorico. It’s for Windows only, but I know there are many programs that do the same thing for Mac. I mention it to make you aware of non-builtin solutions to this. These programs can sit over Dorico in the OS and do the job. Hard to live without such a tool I reckon.

You could look at this. Amusingly it has a musical theme, quite incidentally!

Thank you @Andro , I’ll definitely give it a try :wink: