export mixer configuration

It would be really helpful if mixer configuration settings could be exported so as to be able to use same configuration in different projects.
At the very least the channel visibility should be transferable between projects.
I can see why inserts etc might not be possible between different machines cos the plugins might not be available but visibility should not be an issue.
Cubase detects what audio/midi/vst/etc tracks are in use and configures mixer visibility accordingly depending on mixer configuration settings.
It would prevent the pain of having to set up mixer configurations every time a project created on another machine or even an old project created on earlier versions is loaded…
My English is not perfect but I will give example:
I like having mixer1 showing only audio and vst tracks and other mixer showing fx/groups and outputs.This configuration can be saved as a preset in current project but if I load an external or old project I have to reconfigure it all over again.The window layout can be transfered between projects but mixer configuration can not.
Perhaps I’m missing some setting.
Apologies if this feature is available…if it is kindly let me know how to implement it.

Cubase 9.5.2
Win 8.1

I’m sure you could achieve this if you started your projects from a template you created that has the mixconsole(s) configured as you want. Of course your template would also include all the other configurable items like track types, track input & outputs, assigned vsts, windows layouts, etc.

I’ve never done it but, I am sure there is a way to copy your template(s) to other computers too. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Hi Prock
the template works fine for new projects…window layout etc get applied but not mixerconsole settings.
The issue is that mixer configuration does not seem to work for older projects.
If I import an older project the mixer(s) will (for example) show all channels…while I need say only fx/groups and outputs.
In other words mixer configuration is not applied to old projects and configuration has to be set up again and resave project.
A bit of a pain.
I might be missing something so help is much appreciated.