Export Mono Downmix Weirdness

I wanted to create a mono downmix of a stereo track. I tried using the Export Mono Downmix option of Export Audio Mixdown.

The mono audio track that resulted was way shorter in duration (2:22) than the original stereo audio track (10:29). But it was the whole track, compressed in time.

I tried time-stretching it to the original length, but it was full of artifacts and pitch-shifted 2 octaves higher than the original.

This seems like a bug to me, unless I am missing something.

The original track is in green and orange at the top. The downmix is in red below it.

In the export dialog window you have the sample rate set to 8kHz, but your project is set to 44.1kHz. Upon creating the track with the mixdown, it appears that Cubase interpreted the resulting file as being 44.1kHz. That would definitely play back too fast.

Basically just make sure that the export sample rate matches the project sample rate.

That was the problem, valvehead. Thanks!

I’ve had this happen in a couple of my exports but spotted it before listening to the file (on seeing how small it was). It seems to revert to this as a default now which it never did. Weird.

I saw how small it was, I just had no idea what could cause that.

That it defaults to 8.0 probably is a bug, especially if it previously did not do that. Hopefully someone from Steinberg will see this.