Export montage with CD text and ISRC as individual 320kbps MP3s?


Is there a way to export a Wavelab 7 montage that has CD text and ISRC as individual 320kbps MP3s that retain the CD text and ISRC codes for each song?

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Besides opening the Wavelab 7 montage in Wavelab 8 or 9 and exporting there, no I don’t think so. You’ve only got ID3v1 in Wavelab 7, so doing it in Wavelab 7 you’re not going to get the ISRC field. Or the CD Text Title or Performer. Just the file name as metadata Title I think. You need ID3v2 and ISRC and CD Text mapping in Wavelab 8 or 9 to do what you want.

Thank you bob99 for the in depth information.

I will consider upgrading to WaveLab 9 in the future. I am a bit hesitant because this feature is only needed for this one project. The other thing is that WaveLab 7 won’t import a DDP file it just made. WaveLab 7 says it is not a valid DDP image. Meanwhile, HOFA DDP Player opens and plays it no problem. I’ve sent countless WaveLab 7 DDP images to CD manufacturers and haven’t had a problem.

Can you let me know how to make WaveLab 7 open or import a DDP image folder it just created - or is this a problem that has since been corrected?

Thank you again for the info!

WaveLab 9.5 can import the DDP it creates. For WaveLab 7, this is too far in my memory…

I don’t know if importing DDP’s was ever a common problem on Wavelab 7. Can’t recall anything like that. Using Wavelab 7.2.1 32 bit on Windows 10-64 here, DDPs import fine after making them, both with the “Import Result as New Audio Montage” button available on the Generating DDP Files window, and using the File/Import/Audio DDP Image menu.

Are you using the latest version 7.2.1 ?

There’s also a Wavelab 7 compatibility patch there for Windows 8-64 that someone needed to install on Win 10-64 to get something working on Windows 10-64, but I can’t remember what the problem was that it fixed. But it might help you if you’re using Wavelab 7 on Win 8-64 or Win10-64.

Thank you Bob99! My Wavelab version is 7.0 - that may be why I am getting Wavelab’s error " not a Valid DDP image" upon re-import. An thank you for also including the link to download the latest version of 7! I will try that when I get a chance. All the best, Steve