Export more than 20 Queue Jobs

Why is Job Queue export limited to 20 jobs?
Is there a way so that I can export more than 20?

Because beyond 20, queue jobs becomes blow jobs :joy:

Joking aside why do you need more? Give us practical example what you want to achieve so maybe someone can jump in with solution or a workaround.

Tbh i didn’t know that it’s limited to 20.

LOL! True!
Its simple, recorded more than 20 songs on the same project, and want to export them all… Has this is a simple band, and doesn’t have much production, decided to record all songs in the same project. These guys are really old school, and they recorded almost 30 songs from they’re old days.
20 queue, really can’t figure out why this limitation…

Ok there is way for that its called cycle marker meaning you can mark cycle in marker track and on export go to multiple:

And it will cycle export all songs you marked.


I was using already the cycle markers for each song, but I thought I had to create a queue for each cycle marker. I will try to select all the cycle markers at the same time and see if it makes different files for each cycle marker.

Yes it exports all cycle selections separate, as on above screenshot will export Track 1.wav and Track 2.wav as separate files :wink:

20 years using Cubase and still learning new things every day :smiley:

This seems an unnecessarily arbitrary limit. I’m preparing a musical and we wanted everything in one project to keep consistency of sound across multiple songs. I have a folder set up per song with all the stems going into their own folders, but now I’ve bumped my head against this dumb limit after very carefully setting up the first 20 song exports. Can’t use the suggestion here because different songs need different stem outputs. Infuriating!

Indeed more than 20 is needed for stem or mic exports. Also there is way too much clicking for big projects…