Export mp3 silent on one track

I’m exporting an mp3 of a piece with 16 ‘voices’. Voice 16 is a saxophone track and the mp3 does not include this voice. If I change the voice for another, the track is still silent in the mp3 . That voice is not set to mute and playback is normal – just the mp3 which doesn’t include it, whatever it is set to.

I can see posts about totally silent mp3s but that’s not the case here. Am I missing something obvious?

To rule out the obvious: do you have multiple score layouts? Audio export is always based on the one highest up the right panel of Setup mode.

That’s quick!
I didn’t know this. It’s now at the top of the list but that voice still doesn’t appear in the mp3.

Just to clarify, does the Full Score layout nearest the top of the right panel of the list
a) contain all 16 voices?
b) play them all back correctly?

Yes to both.

Thinking slightly outside the box here, is there any possibility that you’ve exported the new audio file with exactly the same filename as the old one, then you’ve opened it in iTunes and not realised that iTunes has cached the old file?

Right – I think I may have this. I had created a new full score layout (changing bass clarinet to saxophone) and given it a new name. Is it possible that Dorico will only respond to the original Full Score layout and not any others which might be in use? Having gone back to the original Full Score and included the sax part, it exports quite happily.

I don’t think so, but there might be some nuance to it that I’m unaware of.

(In other news, nice to see you here again. Gary K (percussion) asked after you, the other week. He sends his best!)

Ah, Gary and I go way back – Redbridge Youth Orchestra days. His stories are legendary but no one tells them better than Gary. Not so long ago I was telling colleagues of the ‘Gants Hill Cathedral’ anecdote. I don’t see him very frequently as my work is mostly symphonic rather than session. Please reciprocate if you see him again.
Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Whatever was causing the issue was certainly solved by going back to the original Full Score!

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