Export Multi - Track Unique Export Range

I was just finishing up editing/processing some old oneshot samples I’ve made. Each sample is a different length. It would save so much time if I could process all these samples in one project, and then export them all at once.

The problem now is that if I were to bounce them together, I’d have to make them all as long as the longest track. That means, even if I have a few samples that are just 2 seconds long, I may have to bounce them out as 1 minute long samples since I have some samples that are 1 minute long. That would be a really bad use of storage.

It would be cool to have an option that uses a unique export range per track, where the start of the range starts at the start of the 1st event in the track and the end of the range is at the end of the last event in the track.

This would save soooooooooo much time when batch editing drums/samples or other audio that doesn’t have to stay in relative position and length to one another.

You mean exactly all the things that MEAP was designed and built to do…! If you have access to an earlier edition of Cubase (won’t support v10), for less than 50 GBP your time-saver awaits…

Oh nice, I’ll have to look into that. I’m using version 10, so either way I think I’d be out of luck with that. But that does sound awesome. It would be nice if Cubase could have those features built in; both convenience and also since you said MEAP doesn’t even work in the latest version.

Isn’t RIP the thing to go for? The RIP dialogue has the option to include the whole signal chain.