export multichannels = no metadata ?


i just exported 4 projects i want to consolidate in a separate session.
i export main out + 10 stems for each sessions all in FLAC.
Once imported in the new session i select all and “Audio - To Origin”
on the master is sent back to the proper TC. all stems go to TC00:00:00:00

… normal ? i don’t remember that from nuendo 8 and i’m sure i used the exact same thing this way.

As far as I know FLAC doesn’t support metadata, except for Artits, Album, track, etc …


mm wait what ? so how you call all data embeded in flac ?
there’s hundreds more than wave. isn’t that metadata ? Time origin is one for sure because as i said main main out (in flac) has TC info embeded.
all my librarys are in flac and i have massive amound of comment, recorder, location etc …

but i’m 200% sure that all the flac exports i did before nuendo 10 had the timecode ! i did hundreds of shows for the last 10 years using that technique where i would just drop flacs and “move to origin” my files on the time line. That was a routine procedure i can’t be wrong about it.

The good thing about flac (apart from weight) is that doing stem export you can see after bounce witch stem is empty by it’s size (that you can’t do in wav) so you easily delete stems that where not used. With wave the only way is to reimport tracks, zoom height 100% and deleted from what you see. on a 52min doc… it’s really easy to miss a file that has a little 1sec sound somewhere.

i really miss this timecode feature now it clearly looks like a “bug” since 10.