Export Multiple Channels - Sampler Tracks

I’m not seeing an option to render Sampler Tracks when I export multiple files. I think this has led me to missing a lot of files, mistakenly thinking I’ve properly rendered and backed up projects when I actually haven’t… The Sampler Tracks don’t show up as an option at all; not under Audio tracks or anything.


Sorry I’m confused a bit what was your task? Backup Project? Render in Place? Export Audio Mixdown?

Export Audio Mixdown -> Export Multiple Channels

There is no option to render sampler tracks. This is a BIG WTF.

Because of this, all my projects I’ve made in the last year (or however long it’s been since sampler tracks have been out) are all missing multiple files, and I’m constantly getting clients complaining about it (most understandably, because I’d be upset if I paid for trackouts and there were several tracks missing)

This is the biggest wtf I’ve ever seen. There is no option to export Sampler Tracks when exporting multiple channels.

This is not so much a feature ‘request’ as a feature ‘demand’… it’s not even a demand… it’s more like… how the hell do you make a new channel type and then not have a way to export that channel???

This error has destroyed a lot of my beat licensing business where clients purchase tracked out beats from me, because basically every beat I’ve made since the sampler track feature was introduced are missing files now. And even now that I know what the issue is, it’s a really big pain to export projects from here on out because I have to go through my project, find each sampler track and bounce them individually to audio before performing a multi channel export. (and if I forget to do this, I’m fucked)

I’ve included this in the “issues” section, but I wasn’t sure if it’s getting the right attention there… because it’s a feature… but it’s a feature that should by default be there… it’s not a matter of subjective opinion.

Not clear what you’re saying. Exporting sampler track, which is essentially speaking, a type of instrument (therefore MIDI) track, is possible in a couple

2019-04-08 11_24_21.png

Wait, You don’t verify that the output is correct before you send to clients?

I do on occasion. I used to check more often, but I’ve never had any reason to suspect that Cubase is not rendering the files properly. If I wanted to check, it would take a lot of time, because in order to be thorough, I’d have to render everything, zip it, upload it, then re-download it. Because there also could be issues zipping and uploading as well. These projects usually have around 100 tracks between 3:00 and 4:00 at a 2822kbps bit rate. Some projects have 200+ tracks. I don’t do that anymore because I need to work faster and more efficiently. I simply don’t have the time to do the extra QA. I only check if I have a reason to suspect that there was an error in rendering/zipping/uploading.

However, what I see does not match your image. So this must be an “issue” after all instead of a feature request. No one’s really responded to me, so I’ve had no way of knowing if anyone else has had this issue.

Oh god, I found out the bug. I’m not sure whether this being a bug makes me feel more happy or more upset… I guess it makes me slightly less upset… and I’m glad I know what the bug is specifically now… but I really really really think this bug should get fixed ASAP.

So, it goes like this… the Export Audio Mixdown window won’t list Sampler Tracks as possible channels to export unless the tracks were added before the window was opened. So if you add a Sampler Track while the Export window is opened, then it won’t include the sampler track. From my understanding, this is not how the module is supposed to work. It’s definitely not how the module interacts with every single other channel. With other channels, the module updates whenever a track is added.


You might not think that’s a big deal, but I do. I have a 4k monitor with a dual monitor set up. Often times I have the export window floating around somewhere the entire time the project is opened (there is a key command to close all plug in windows which I use often… but there’s no command to close the export window so often times I just let it float). Even if I waited to the end of the project to open it, sometimes I need to go back and add ONE LAST THING or make ONE LAST EDIT, and I never would have thought I need to close and re-open the export module when doing this.

Anyway, please make sure this bug is a sent to the technical team and you can also replace my old thread about this in the “Issues” section with this one.


I can confirm the bug. Btw, when you add any other track after the Sampler Track, the Sampler Track appears in the list too. So it’s just an update issue.

Hmmm… this seems to be where the bug diverges for us. For me, the Sampler Tracks won’t show up even when I add a new track. I’ve tried adding audio tracks, instrument tracks, and group tracks.


At 0:24, I add an instrument track loaded with Serum to the project. Oddly enough, it actually REPLACES the sampler track that was already listed; it doesn’t refresh and show the sampler tracks that are in the project… so the bug must be a little different for us, or it is not consistent with this rule. I’m on windows 10 running version 10.0.15