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Hi, I’m exporting with multiple export option the mono and stereo audio tracks from a project in Cubase 12 but what happens if i have inserts in the stereo out bus affecting all the mix, Does the stereo out insert affect each and every track when export rendering?
Any info about what algorithm setup Cubase use to export the tracks? i suppose is using the best quality or is there any dialog box top select the export properties?
Where i can find info about exporting group/sends functions and benefits, instrument tracks and master etc… option, I mean if i export the groups as insert and after as dry , what is group export option for? THNX


It depends, on how you set up the export. Explore the Effects secrion of the Export Audio Mixdown dialog, please.

  • Inserts and Strip
  • Disabled (DRY)
  • Groups/Sends (CSP)
  • Master/Groups/Sends (CSPM)

Cubase has no quality difference between playback and export - both are the same. However, there are quite a few plugins that allow different quality settings. A technique called oversampling would be an example for that. Or the parameter for such setting might be called ‘quality’ directly.


Ok thannks but the answer is as basic as the article you mention. Easy to answer YES or NO, so: When i export the tracks of my project using multiple export in .wav 48Hz 24bits with the insert strip function (as shown in attached) , these tracks/groups are rendered through the stereo out channel or only the each track with its own inserts? and with the group send option i guess it render all the settings including Eq, Insert and sends or not? Please WHAT MEANS post panner???


We could to answered this before you posted the screenshot, or provided the information of the settings in the Export Audio Mixdown window > Effects.

Please, read the manual, I linked. From the description is clear, if you select the Inserts and Strip option, the Groups and the Master effects are not taken in account.

Again, read the linked manual, please:

  • +Groups/Sends (CSP)Includes insert effects, EQ, and other channel settings. Also includes effects and settings in all channels, for example, group and FX channels, towards the output channel. The insert FX and EQ settings of the master channel are ignored. The channel configuration is exported post-panner.

That means, the panner is included. So if you set the Panner to 100% Left, the exported file will be on the left side only.

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