export multiple tracks without locators

Hi everyone, I would like to participant in this thread too. :slight_smile:

I’m recording voice-over translation for computer games. Each audio file sits on its own track with a different length. It would have been much helpful if there was an option to batch export all tracks individually without needing to set the left and right locations for each track. So basically each track gets export with its own actual lengh, without ‘leftovers’ of silence at the end which is taken from the longest file in the project.

Is there a solution to achieveing this by now? I’m using Cubase 6.5.5 Build 176 (64 bit), however I also upgraded to version 7.0 way back but not using it. It’s just according to my eLicenser keys I can work with both, so I’m currently using the 6.5.5 version as I’m very used and comfortable with it.


I use Cubase for recording VO for online learning. I supply the separate WAV files to the people who create the courses. They want separate, mono files that are only the length of the VO itself, per screen. I sometimes have 100 tracks in Cubase once everything is edited and ready to go.

I STILL cannot automatically export these tracks as separate files. I have to go into Audio Export, select a new region, select the corresponding track in the export dialog, and then perform the export. Is there really no other way to do this? I even tried to record a Macro, but oddly, the macros don’t always run the same from use to use (they skip steps). Further, even if they did, there is no way to select the next track in the Export dialog the way there is on the main screen.

I just installed Cubase 8PRO. I have been using 7.5PRO since forever. I thought that the Render in Place option would work for me…but the naming options are not useful, and I cannot render to a mono file. Having 100 stereo files named 01, 01-01, 01-02 doesn’t help in the slightest.

I am quite willing to spend the money on the 10.5 update. Does it have what I need? I have searched and searched, but have found no indication that this simple function (which as has been noted exists in the other DAWs) has ever been implemented.

Thanks in advance for the help.


I use marker tracks in 10.5. Create marker track Select the audio clip you want exported press P and press create a Loop markers. this can be named as you like. You do this to all your files you want to export. now in export audio window you will see all the loop markers underneath the channel selection. Tick all the loop markers and there you go press export that’s it

Huh. Welp, I will have to get 10.5 and play with it, as I don’t have a good sense for how that would work into my workflow. I wonder if I could automate it with a macro?

Thanks for this, though. I didn’t know you could do that.