Export MusicXML from Steinberg products (Cubase in this case)


I tried exporting a MusicXML file from Cubase 10 and importing it into GuitarPro, however tempo events appear to be ignored.

I also tried to import MIDI exported from Cubase into Dorico and then exporting MusicXML, again importing MusicXML into GuitarPro but the same problem occured.

Is this simply a case of there being a limitation in Steinberg software or might there be something else in play.

Hoping someone can help.



Read the specification, please.

MusicXML was designed from the ground up for sharing > sheet music > files between applications…

I don’t think Tempo is part of the sheet music/MusicXML.

In your case, I would recommend to use MIDI file instead.

Hi Martin,

Thank you for replying but is that really a “specification” parse?

It works between every other program I’ve used, including GuitarPro, Forte and Notion but with Steinberg nothing works in this area.

If the idea is to simply display symbols, then that is a pretty poor effort for the industry as a whole in my view and after all these years, it would seem little has changed.

At least MIDI actually worked.

just export to MIDI & import to guitar pro.