Export of tracks without fader and pan settings

I am playing in a band and we have a great cooperation in writing music together within Cubase as a platform.
I do have a lot more plugins than the other guys in the band, and do want the other to work with my tracks as I hear it with all the plugins.
What I do now is to duplicate one by one track and export the duplicated tracks with all the plugins for the track activated but set the fader to 0 and pan to the center then export to the same track to bypass the master fader.
Then I got the same level out as the original file with plugins and then import it back to the original track as a new version and then remove the duplicated track.
Is there a better way to do this?

Even if Cubase had the much-requested bounce-in-place feature that could bounce audio into its own track, you’d still have to zero the panning and faders.

Quick ways to do this:

First, do a Save As… Backup!

Select all the tracks.
In Mixer, save the selected tracks, then, holding the Q-Link modifier (shift-ctrl for me) zero all the pan and gain.
Batch export the tracks (back into Project).
Move the bounced tracks back to the original tracks.
In Mixer, with the original tracks selected, load the saved tracks from before.

Thank you very much enjneer, this will of course speed up the process quite a bit!