Export OMF to Logic problems

I need some help and advice. I use Cubase 12 Pro and recently recorded some tracks for a friend who wants to take them to another studio for mastering. That particular studio uses Logic, so I exported all the projects in OMF format. I tried several variations on that theme to no avail.

Needless to say, they all failed and I was reduced to mastering each single track [of which there are many!] and then delivering them by Dropbox. Aside from being time-consuming this didn’t work out to their satisfaction. Now they want to import the projects which have approx 40 audio tracks each into Cubase LE. I told them it won’t work but, eh, they won’t listen.

I’m at my wit’s end as they keep coming back to me to send them the projects, audio tracks and track mixdowns over and over. I can’t be dealing with this any longer and feel like marching over to the mastering studio and copying all the tracks onto their computer myself.

Best advice is to export in WAV or AIFF format your tracks with a txt following them mentioning the tempo.

LE? :thinking: You might want to question why a mastering studio would want to use an entry-level freebie.

OMF and AAF are both options that should work but in reality, there are usually problems somewhere. The only simple method that works 100% is to render the tracks individually as Pedro has suggested.

In Cubase Pro 12 you can use batch rendering with the Export Audio Mixdown dialog.

I know, my brain almost imploded when he informed me.

I did try using the Export Audio Mixdown option [I use that feature instead of Freeze to render VSTi parts] but only have experience with [ab]using it to export single tracks at a time rather than batch export. Back to reading the manual… again :wink: