Export page size stuck on Letter Format

Hey Guys,

I was exporting my score and it seems to be stuck on Letter Format after changing the layout for all the parts and full score…

Any ideas?

How are you exporting, are you using the right panel in Print mode, set to Graphics with the required settings?

If so, that should be using the page size set for each layout in Layout Options.

Just Stuck on Letter. After Changing the layout of every Part Individually.

The page size in this panel is irrelevant for the purposes of export; this is why it’s greyed out.
The only page size that matters is the one set in Layout Options.

Proceed to export and take a look at the exported PDFs, and you’ll see that their page size matches the one in Layout Options.

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Yes You’re right. Although its displayed in Print mode as Letter so it’s a bit miss leading if you wanted a preview of the score before printing…

That’s why the “Letter” option is grayed out.
One just has to understand how to interpret that.
Yes, that has confused others in the past.

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