Export Que; Multiple Channels into 1 file?

Hi everybody,

I’ve been a longtime Cubase-user and I just updated from 10.5 to 11.
I was really excited to start working with the new Export/Mixdown features.
Particulary the “Export Que” function. This could potentially save me a lottttt of time in the future. As we’re always sharing and sending audio files to different producers/writers/mixers.

One thing I was wondering;
Is it possible to select multiple channels in the Export window (via the Sync Selection button) but instead of exporting these multiple channels into multiple individual files, export them into 1 wav file? And then Que a bunch of them. That would be sooo epic!

So for instance;
Create 1 .wav file for a set of pianos, 1 file for a bunch of drums, 1 file for some guitars etc etc.
(btw. I would really prefer not to do this via any Group channel, because in a lot of cases the routing isn’t set up this way.)

To be honest, I was suprised that this wasn’t the actual feature that was introduced with Cubase 11. Or am I just missing something?


Do you mean to make a sub-mixes? If yes, then route the tracks to a Group. Then Export the Groups.

If you don’t want to use group channels then I don’t know of a way to do this. It is possible to feed the group channels using sends from the individual tracks rather than changing the routing, if that helps. (I just learned this yesterday from a poster on a different thread). You need to make sure in this case that the groups have no input and output routing.


Group Channels don’t have an inputs at all. I understand, you want to use the Groups just as a submix for the export, right? This is the reason, why you route the signal from the Sends (to be able to send one channel to multiple Groups/submixes) and why you set the output of the Group to Not Connected. Am I right? You are not going to use the Groups while mixing, right?

That’s right. These groups are just for exporting. I think using groups in the normal way is a better solution, as you suggested, but if the OP doesn’t want to do that, this would be an alternative. The danger of this approach is the possibility of forgetting to put a send in on some tracks, and as the groups are not used for mixing, that might go unnoticed.


Then the Send should be set to Post-Fader, of course. And the Send Level set to 0.00dB.

I agree.

Thanks for all of the replies so far.

The reason I would like to avoid using Group Channels for the purpose of making these exports/mixdowns, is that I use Groups for mixing only and it would mess up my project structure even more than it would save me time in the Export phase.

Also, when I want to make an export/stem (1 wav. file) for example of all of the guitars in the project, it most likely contains Guitar channels that ARE being routed to Groups, but also channels that ARE NOT being routed to groups but go straight to the Master fader. I just don’t route all of my channels to a group.

I just think it’s a big mistake from Steinberg, that they let you Select Multiple channels to create seperate audio files, but they WON’T let you Select Multiple channel and merge them into 1 file and add that to the Que. I don’t think it’s THAT different from all of the excisting/new features in the Export window.

It actually really disappoints me, but hey, who am I right? Just another user that is complaining about ‘details’. :frowning:

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You should explore the Direct Routing section of the MixConsole. DR lets you route a Track to up to 7 different destinations simultaneously. This would allow you to leave your mix routing exactly the same while also using Groups like folks are suggesting here.

Basically you can setup 2 (or more) different routing structures that are independent of each other. If you want to do this type of thing on a regular basis you could include it in a Template. Even setup MixConsole 1 for your mixs and MixConsole 2 for your exports if you like. Or use Macros/PLE/Visibility Agents to show/hide different elements.

I think it actually would be quite different. Every item in the queue is separately rendered, so to do this Cubase would have to store the channels that you want to merge separately from the queue.


Sorry, I don’t understand this. Why would be the channels that are not routed to the Guitar Group exported, if you would export only the Guitar Group Channel?


Yes, this is exactly, how does it work in Cubase.

Actually my guess is, Cubase would need to make a virtual Bus, route all selected channels to the virtual bus and render this virtual bus. I can’t imagine the logic how this would work with the Sends for example…

Can I add a +1 to this request. I know exactly what Stayf is talking about. I send various stereo versions of my mixes to different people for different reasons. This is a very time consuming and brain melting task.

What we are asking for is to be able to select the tracks using the sync to project function but instead of multiple files, just give me the stereo output buss mix. Let me queue up my various mix combinations and I can go and have a nap while cubase gets on with it.

This would be a massive time saver. What’s the technical difficulty in having a check box to make this happen?

Apart from that. the new export it great btw!




This seems like a no-brainer to me, why would you want the extra task of creating multiple groups just for export purposes?

Plus 1 from me.

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