Export Queue: Dithering on MP3 and 16bit WAV file exports

A great feature and time saver is the ‘Export Queue’ in the ‘Export Audio Mixdown Dialog’ to do multiple file mix downs simultaneously. However, if I want to bounce MP3, 24bit and 16bit WAV at the same time, how do I manage to use the required “dithering” (as a master bus plugin) on the 16bit WAV and “no dithering” on the MP3 for optimal sound quality? This is a very common final task after finishing a mix and it would be great if it could be done in one go. I usually deactivate the dithering for MP3 mixdowns manually in the master chain as the MP3 codec works best on highest quality input (32bit float), but this way i can´t use the ‘Export Queue’.


Unfortunately this is not possible. Cubase always uses the current mix and export it. The Job queue is not linked with the mix, you had in the time, when you stored it. So you cannot Bypass the plug-in for one job and enable it for other job. Sorry.

Thanks Martin. That´s what i have suspected, after checking all the options in the export window.
This could probably only be done by an extra dithering option (or “smart” dithering function - automatically applied on WAV exports only) in the export queue options. What a shame, the export queue is very handy for multiple track/stem exports but useless for multi-format exports. Usually after every finished mix/project, I have a to bounce different song edits in multiple file formats (e.g., MP3, 16bit and 24 bit WAV) and this option would have saved a lot of time.