Export Sample Rate Question

Sound Card: RME FireFace 800

I’m trying to export my Cubase project at the sample rate of 43,287 Hz. It seems in the export dialog that you can merely choose between fixed sample rates of 44.1, 88.2, 96, 192k, etc., but not enter in your own.

I am not willing to export at 44.1 and then pitch shift down (processing = bad).

I am able to work with and play the project at 43,287 Hz in Cubase, but at the export window I hit my roadblock.

That is with the Firefaces´s Clock mode setting?

Right. So all is well until I have to export.

Don’t export then, but re-record realtime inside Cubase.

Won’ t work.

I’m not home to try this but I will tomorrow.

The only other thing I can think of is bouncing it to a second computer, or perhaps a second audio card, running at 44.1kHz. That’s GOTTA work altho it is realistically out of the question.

You can not do that either, since when recording digitally the two cards’ sampleclocks need to be synced. If at all, you need to record analogue.