Export score graphics to 1080i (or any pixel resolution)

I am trying to export the score to use for for a video, so I want to export the score to be 1920x1080.

I have the Layout setup for 26 2/3 in (1920px) by 15 in (1080px). In Setup/Write/Engrave it displays properly. When I try to export it to graphics, it shrinks to the default letter size (8 1/2 in x 11 in).

The page setup tab on the left is greyed out. Changing the setup on the left side of the Print page for the system setting doesn’t affect anything.

Thanks for any responses/advice.
1080i setup.dorico.zip (755 KB)

I can’t reproduce this. If I export a PNG from your file I get a file with the following details:

If I export a PDF from your project I get a file with the following details:

What are you getting at your end?

edit: don’t be put off by the print preview in Print mode - it’s irrelevant!

Oh my, I didn’t actually check the graphic files after they were exported. Yup, they’re fine. That preview in print mode is what threw me off. Thanks.