Export selected clips?

Hey, is there a way that I can export selected clips individually outside of the project, allowing me to quickly bring large groups of files outside of Cubase?

Render in place gets me close, and allows me to select groups of clips in the pool, but I need a way to select large groups of files from there and bring them outside of the Cubase audio folder.

A workaround is to use ‘bounce selected’.

Select your clips. Then right click menu - Audio - Bounce Selected.

You’ll end up with new audio parts replacing those that were already there. However as they’ve only just been created, if you go to your audio files folder for the project and sort it by creation date, your new files are all at the top!

There is a slight issue with this method in that separate audio clips on the same track are often bounced as a single file. This forces you to do several bounces when what would be REALLY helpful is an ‘Export Selected Clips’ command!

  1. Open pool
  2. Select the files you need.
  3. Right click and choose “Select In Project”
  4. Close Pool
  5. Open Render In Place settings
  6. Set it to render “As Separate Events”
  7. Set the “Path” to where the new files should end up.
  8. Set “Keep Source Events Unchanged”
  9. Click “Render”
  10. After Rendering is finished, use Undo to remove the newly created tracks.
    The new files created will not get deleted, at that point.
    When you close the project it will ask you if you want to delete newly created unreferenced files.

Or simply (On Windows at least, On Mac ?)

  1. Open Pool
  2. Select files
  3. Press Ctrl c
    4 Open Windows Explorer, navigate to the path you want.
  4. Press Ctrl v

Ah, there is is! Render in place > Find Selected Clips in Pool > Ctrl+C > Ctrl+V in Explorer. I didn’t know that I could copy files from the pool and paste them into explorer. That solves it. Thanks!