Export Selected Cycle Markers / Export Selected Cycle Marker Settings

This would be a very nice shortcut function that would automatically change the Export Settings to be Cycle Marker Export, and select the cycles of which were selected by the user.

Export Selected Cycle Markers - would use last user entered export settings and begin exporting

Export Selected Cycle Markers… - would open the export settings window with Cycle Marker Export and the Cycle already selected, user manually initiates export when ready.

Side feature request
Make it so all Cycle Marker Tracks and Cycles across all tracks can be exported in one export by displaying the cycle marker list as a tree nested list by Marker Track Name, then order/name of the cycles. Give a quick filter buttons like ‘Active Maker Track Only’.

A Cycle search bar in the export window would be appreciated as well.

whops, there’s a couple posts already
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Yeah, would still be immensely useful!

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