Export Selected Event?

On Cubase Pro 9.5, I’d like to be able to select an Audio Event and export just that Event to a .wav file. I see an option for File Export Selected Track but I don’t want to export the whole track - I just want to export the selected Event. Is there a way to do this?

What gets exported is, basically, the range between the locators.

To export just an event, set them around the event. There are also a key commands (‘loop selection’ & ‘set locators to selection’ - something like that, not sure about the exact terms, probably in the transport category) that do it for you.

Ok, that’s the range. The content of the export is defined by what’s playing at the chosen exporting output. You may want to solo the track where the event lives and export the Stereo Out (which could include FX channels etc.) If you choose the track itself there’s no need for soloing and you’ll get the export without subsequent processing by i.e. group/fx/mainchannel(s).

RIP aka Render in Place is another possibility.

If you just want to make an event ‘fix’ if you’ve did some warp edits, used VariAudio or have offline processes applied you could just bounce it.

So, depending on the goal & prefered workflow, there are different, partly interchangeable ways to do it.

Thanks so much for the response! Render in Place worked. It looks like Export Selected Event is a thing in Nuendo but not Cubase Pro,. This would be a useful feature in Cubase.

You could bounce the event,

and then make a macro

-Find Selected In Pool
-Open in Explorer (can’t remember exact command name)

which will take you directly to the file