Export selected flows when selecting multiple layouts

Today I found what it looks like a limitation or a bug. When selecting several layouts for exporting and choosing only some flows to export, this flow selection has no effect. It exports the entire layout. It looks like I have to go through every layout one by one in order to make the selection of flows effective. Even if this is a limitation, the problem is that there’s no clue that Dorico is doing this. I only realized when I exported and checked the PDFs.



I haven’t had this problem in the past. Does it happen with multiple projects?

It is certainly intended that changes made in the dialog in which you can change which flows to print will apply to all of the layouts selected in the left-hand Layouts panel in Print mode. If you find that not to be the case, please provide a project and steps to reproduce the problem.

Hello Daniel. I’ll send you the project where this happens. I post a video showing the problem, to discard user’s error.

As you see, the “Flows” selection is not persistent, unless I select one specific layout and then make the change. The exported PDFs do export all flows, not the ones I just selected.